A.A Business Administration,
Santa Maria University,
Caracas, Venezuela. Information System Technician. Tenerife, Spain.

Certified Official Tourist Guide.(Técnico Superior en Información y Comercialización Turística) I.E.S.Puerto de La Cruz -Tenerife, Spain.
Certified Lifeguard. Canarian Lifeguard Association, Surfing Instructor, Tenerife_Spain, Tour Operator, Scotland

Oliver Colloca is our Official Tour Operator and Outdoor Adventure Specialist with 18 years of experience practicing and sharing his incredible passion for Surfing and Outdoor Adventure. During the past 9 years that Colloca has traveled around Europe, he has discovered phenomenal places and worked in several countries including: Spain, Germany, Italy and Scotland. Oliver has turned his passion for Adventure Travel, Surfing, Rock Climbing, to name a few, into an occupation. Oliver has created different vacation packages offering visitors from America and Europe a type of travel experience like no other. By combining activities such as surfing, sightseeing, hiking, rock climbing, camping, visiting local food restaurants and festivals as well as relaxing days at the beach, individuals can enjoy and explore a new city or town surrounded by multiple possibilities guided by a trusted professional in the field of Sport Travel. When a person or a group of people come to Oliver seeking for touristic guidance, they get to learn a lot more about the visited location.

Oliver currently operates in Scotland where you encounter stunning landscapes and very friendly people. Oliver understands the connection between human activity and how this affects the environment; therefore, all the events conducted consider the balance of our planet. For more information on the latest Sports Travel vacation specials.

Travel Medical Insurance Benefit Adviser, IMG_International Medical Group.

contact: sportandtravel@hotmail.com

+1 407 448.9436 US

+44 7784 970 917 UK